Super-Leagues U-6/7 2006


Under 6's and Under 7's 

Welcome to the Blackrock Super Leagues 2006!

 The Blackrock Under 6/7 Super leagues begin on Saturday September 9th and continue each Saturday morning until Saturday 30th September 


Please read the attached  team list  and you should find your name listed on one of the teams. 


Note your team name, note your team managers and see what jersey is required. 


Join your team mates at Church Road at 9.50 am on Saturday 9th September next. 


The Stormers, Sliotars, Heroes and Hurlers will be provided with a jersey or top on the morning.


Don't forget to bring your hurley, shorts, hurling helmet, shin guards etc. 


You cannot change teams as the teams have been carefully selected to ensure every team has a good chance. 


As we will have 4 games each morning, it is important that all games begin at 10.10 so please arrive at 9.50 am to the main pitch as matches must begin on time.


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The teams are

Group 1

Team Coach Colour Players

Team Photo - click on image to enlarge

Slashers Tom Kilcommon Rocky Click Here

67suplge2006team4web.jpg (451130 bytes)

Stonethrowers Martin O'Farrell Red/Cork Click Here

67suplge2006team3web.jpg (479808 bytes)

Stormers Aidan Lougheed Jersey Provided Click Here

67suplge2006team1web.jpg (402845 bytes)

Sliotars Tom Cashman Jersey Provided Click Here

67suplge2006team2web.jpg (423895 bytes)


Group 2

Team Coach Colour Players

Team Photo - click on image to enlarge

Rockies Paul O'Callaghan/ Donal Murray Rocky Click Here 67suplege2006team6web.jpg (488133 bytes)
Rebels Tom Riordan Red/Cork Click Here 67suplege2006team5web.jpg (457073 bytes)
Heroes Orla O'Shea. Jersey Provided Click Here 67suplege2006tesm7web.jpg (497066 bytes)
Hurlers. Rory Wedel/ Colm Daly Jersey Provided Click Here 67suplege2006tesm8web.jpg (454915 bytes)