SuperLeagues 2004


Under 10's and Under 11's


The Blackrock under 10/11 Superleague finals were held in front of a large crowd in glorious sunshine at Church Road Sunday morning May 23rd.  

The Rovers caused an upset when defeating the Rebels, their conquerors of the previous week in the Super league Cup Final. Captain Stephen O'Brien received a beautiful trophy from former Cork captain Fergal Ryan. 

In the Super league Shield final the Saints eventually defeated the Rockies by 4 points in a very exciting game. Captain Rory Burke received the Shield trophy 


Each player received a special 2004 Super league medal from Fergal Ryan.


The Blackrock Super leagues are sponsored by Carey Tool Hire.  


Full details teams/match reports and results and photos are available by clicking here




Under 8's and Under 9's 

Great drama last Saturday July 3rd as the final battles in the Lord of the Caman and Fellowship of the Sliotar were held in glorious sunshine. The Hobbits maintained their unbeaten run and captured the title from an unlucky Orcs selection. Cathal Cormack captained the Hobbits to a great victory, while Gavin Connolly led the Orcs. Also outstanding were Brian OLeary, David King, Joe Logue and Troy Kinnane.

The Elves captained by PJ Green defeated the Wizards led by Andy Harrington to land the Fellowship of the Sliotar title for 2004. Eric Grimes, Niall Cashman, Dean Torpey and Niall Fitzgerald were brilliant.

The under 2004, 8/9 Blackrock  super leagues were a wonderful success with over 80 boys contributing to 4 weeks of great hurling. Everyone received a lovely medal from Blackrock Senior mentors and players, Timmy Murphy, Fergal Ryan, Tom Cashman and Liam Meaney.

Full details teams/match reports and results and photos are available by -  clicking here




Under 6's and Under 7's 

Euro Quiddich Championships

The under 6/7 Super leagues commenced on Saturday 4th September in the Euro Quiddich Championships at Church Road. 

The finals were held on Saturday October 2nd. 

Superleague Finals Under 6/7 

The winners of the House Cup Final. 

Slytherin Slashers; 

Runners up; Hufflepuff Horrors; 


The Tain Cup Final. A Draw. 

The Ferocious Firbolgs;

The Tuath De Danann


The Hogwarts Cup Final. 

Winners, The Ravenclaw Rebels; 

Runners up. The Gryffindor Grafters;


The Celtic Cup Final. Draw. 

The Cracking Craobh Rua;  

The Fantastic Fianna,


Full details teams/match reports and results and photos are also available by -  clicking here